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Unsettled, Part 3
Part 3 of 4! Also posted on, so if you see it there, it's mine.
<< Part 1 < Part 2

I rewrote this chapter three times and I'm still not 100% about it. Grr. I decided to post it anyway. Maybe someone will have some ideas to make it better.

I always thought the scene in Kasumi's loyalty mission where Shepard has that moment with the Saren statue was a missed opportunity. To me, it implied that even though Shepard is busy with the Collectors and Cerberus and whatnot, they're not really over everything that happened in ME1. There's still something, with Saren especially, that's still hanging. It was this moment specifically that inspired this fanfic series. Which is why I'm kinda bummed that this chapter didn't turn out as well as I'd have liked.

I went back and tweaked the previous chapters after some advisement that it wasn't very descriptive for people who haven't played Mass Effect. I suppose that's valid, since I had written it under the assumption that the people reading would be Mass Effect fans. Hopefully the imagery is a little clearer now.

SephirothsFlamedWing has limited the viewing of this artwork
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Unsettled, Part 2
Part 2 of 4! This time from Garrus's POV. Also posted on as the second chapter.
< Part 1 > Part 3

Garrus doesn't like Saren. In case you missed it. =D

The fight on Virmire always leaves me with a lot of questions. Actually, Virmire in general leaves me with a lot of questions, like 'why did Saren need the beacon on Eden Prime when he already had one at his base?' Or 'where's the other two squad mates and why couldn't they go help the other team instead of making Shepard choose?' As for the fight itself, I always wonder what the squad mates are doing during Shepard and Saren's chat, where Kaidan/Ash is during the fight and why they're not helping. Hello, we're trying to save you here. A little help, please?

But I digress.

The other thing that I find interesting is Saren's actions at the end. At the bombsite, he goes to neck-lift Shepard and at the AA Tower also adds dangling Shepard over the edge. Why do that instead of just shooting? Makes me wonder if Saren wasn't planning to kidnap Shepard. On the technical side of things, I'm not sure about the pacing here. It's a short chapter, so I tried to keep it interesting. Not sure if I succeeded. Fight scenes always give me trouble, so I guess I need more practice. Oh, fight scenes. Why are you so hard? *sigh* Comments, critiques, thoughts and opinions all welcome!
Once upon a time, way back in the dark ages of the internet, I used to be a fan fiction writer. (*gasp* I know!) I was young and terrible, and I'm pretty sure those sites I posted things on don't exist anymore (thank God for that.)
Recently, I've been embracing my roots with fanfic. I like to think I've improved in the years since, and I like to think writing fan fiction is a good exercise in learning character voice and story-building. Currently, I have a little bit of a Mass Effect obsession, and specifically a Garrus x FemShep obsession.

So, the question: Do you guys, my relatively few watchers, care if I post fan-fiction/fan-art here? Or perhaps I should ask, does anyone have an objection? I know fan fic isn't everyone's cup of tea, and some people don't like fan fic spamming their inbox. If you don't like it, I can post them my account (which right now has nothing by me but a list of favorites) and in my scraps. What say ye?
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